Projects – some of the projects conducted by BCSL are listed below  

  1. Awareness programmes for the coastal fisheries community including school children –

Public awareness has been identified as a major issue by the global, regional and national action plans for the conservation and management of sea turtles coastal biodiversity. Such awareness programmes have been a key part of sea turtles & coastal biodiversity conservation activities by many conservation organizations’ throughout the world. The BCSL conducting awareness programmes for the coastal community as well as other community and throughout the country on environmental conservation.

  1. Sea turtle by-catch reduction programmes –

Five species of marine turtles are nesting in Sri Lanka and feeding around the Island. One of the least understood and possibly most serious threats that face marine turtle populations in Sri Lanka is by-catch in fishing gears.  So the BCSL activities include fishermen attitudinal survey, beach survey, awareness program and rescue of by-catch turtles.

  1. Sea turtle nesting surveys

  1. Marine mammals – Conduct survey about threats for the marine mammals in the Gulf of Mannar area.

  1. Field activities – Beach cleaning & environmental programmes with school children specially targeting the “Environmental Pioneer Brigade members”

  1. Mangrove re-plantation – Mangrove re-plantation programmes were conducted in Kalpitiya area with the fisheries society members and school children

  1. Economically valuable plant distribution at fishing villages- Economically valuable plants such as pomegranate & cashew nut were distributed for fisheries society members

  1. Medical clinics

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